Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

Field of study: Computer Science
Description: In this line of research we are interested in investigating concepts, methodologies and techniques in distributed systems and applications, wired or wireless computer networks, multimedia and Web-based Systems, Collaborative Systems, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing. Research is developed within the following sub-areas:

Distributed Systems and Applications: (1) infrastructure, services, applications and performance evaluation, grid computing, clusters and cloud computing; (2) Specification, Verification, Implementation and Tests for Distributed Systems and Communication Protocols; (3) Modeling and performance evaluation of distributed systems (4) Synchronization.

Computer Networks: (1) infrastructure, wireless networks and mobility, sensor networks, performance analysis, network applications; (2) Methodologies and Conception Techniques, Analysis and Design of Computer Networks (3) Content Defined Networks (CDN), Software Defined Network (SDN), Data Center Network, Home Networking (4) Virtualization.

Multimedia and Web-based Systems: (1) Content Recovery, Information Visualization, Personalization, Accessibility; (2) Models and Tools for Distributed Multimedia Systems and Applications, Interactive Digital TV Applications, Synchronization; (3) Collaborative Systems, Crowdsourcing, Social Web; (4) Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing, Multimodality, Performance Evaluation and usability.

The faculty has developed projects on the following topics:
(a) Digital Cities; (b) Intelligent Cities; (c) Digital Video; (d) Digital TV; (e) Data Center Networks; (f) Multimedia synchronization; (g) Collaborative Systems; (h) information retrieval and visualization.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
InSys Integrating Computers, Sensors, Actuators and Humans in Cyberphysical Systems 01/03/2018 48
Mondo Mobile networking Data Offloading 15/05/2018 12
OPENIOT 01/06/2017 36
POP-ES 01/01/2017 36
COMAP 01/10/2016 24
ADVFR 09/05/2016 36
02/05/2017 36
ASSDE 02/01/2015 48
DESTINO-M2 03/03/2015 36
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