High Performance Computing

Field of study: Computer Science
Description: The term High Performance Computing has been widely used to characterize the use of computing resources that are approximately an order of magnitude higher than commonly available features such as desktops or workstations.

This definition encompasses not only computers, but also the network technology, algorithms, and environments required to enable the use of these systems, which can range from clusters of PCs to large vector supercomputers.

Currently, the term supercomputer has been gradually replaced by the High-Performance Computing platform. Nowadays, these systems already surpass the Teraflops barrier, and the latest forecasts indicate that before the end of this decade there will be systems with processing capacity superior to the Petaflops barrier.

Thus, scientists have experienced a large increase in processing capacity in recent decades, allowing the solution of problems that were once considered intangible.

However, problems such as global climate prediction, sequencing of the human genome and simulation of flow in real-scale oil reservoirs are examples of applications that still pose a major challenge to the scientific community. Therefore, a lot of research work has been carried out in this line of research in order not only to improve the architecture and performance of the systems, but also to allow more efficient use of the available computational resources.

Research is developed within the following sub-areas: Scientific Computing, Computer Architecture and Parallel Algorithms.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
CIA2 01/07/2011 48
MMNLPT 02/01/2018 24
EIMEFPAD 01/03/2016 36
SDNFREE 01/08/2014 24
2009-24-A (FACADOIC) 27/02/2009 24
01/05/2016 24
COCADOIC 01/03/2012 24
RASTREAMENTO 01/07/2015 36
2006-12-C 01/06/2006 12
1998-24-C 01/01/1998 24
1996-24-C 01/01/1996 24
2003-24-C (SMP) 01/08/2003 24
MCPTA-2011 01/08/2011 24
TOPVISAOCOMP 01/10/2012 24
AAIISCCA 12/05/2014 51
2004-36-C (GIGATERA) 01/08/2004 36
NECAD-ParteIII 01/12/2012 24
2005-24-C (NEADI) 01/03/2005 24
2008-12-C (BEX0509/06-0) 01/08/2006 12
EIIMEFPAD 01/08/2016 48


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